Activate Student MinistRy


Activate Student MinistRy

Reach, Love, Grow and Go!
— Activate 2019 Theme


Activate Student Ministry is a student fellowship club based on Christian values. We have group meetings every week at the University of Adelaide. We also have friends who study at University of South Australia, Flinders University, TAFE SA, and more.

Please feel free to join us ! We would love to welcome you and your friends to our group.





We are a Christian group that seeks to know God and walk in all His ways .We believe walking with Jesus is the most fulfilling way to live as a student. We believe in Jesus Christ as we endeavour to seek God to get to know Him better, practice following Him in every circumstance.

What DO we do in Activate?

Every Wednesday, we start off with some dinner and games before we enter into a time of praise and worship. Praise and Worship is an important time where we all sing a few songs and worship GOD. After that, there will a short message shared by our mentors. Before we finish, there will be a bible study and group discussion time. We will be separated into different groups, where we can share our experiences while discussing about the bible.

WHAT if I am not a Christian? Is Activate still for ME?

We welcome everybody including Christians and non-Christians alike to Activate. Our group even consists of some that are not Christians as well. Our heart's desire is to share the love of God with EVERYONE. 


our Journey of Finding God : Colar's Testimony

Have you ever been hurt? Thought you were never gonna be good enough? At 14, I did not have friends at school. Always insecure, I started developing a habit of pleasing everyone around me. I did not love myself at all. When I accepted Jesus into my life, things changed. His love was different from any other love I've every encountered. He loved me so I could love others.

Jeremiah 29:11 says "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

What a wonderful promise. I am thankful I discovered God in Adelaide through Activate!




What am I created for? Is there more to life than this? Why am I created the way I am?

In Activate, we learn about ourselves as we learn about God. He reveals his sacrificial love and amazing plan for our life as we live with open hearts for him. 

In Activate we share, we love, we laugh and we pray. We are so honoured to have two wonderful mentors to help us to find ourselves in our walk with Christ. Other than that, we have a group of passionate group leaders to help us with each individual's journey of Finding GOD and Finding Ourselves.

Words from our Mentors

University life can be one of the most amazing and exciting periods of a person's life!  It's a new phase of increasing maturity, development and knowledge.   It's also a time when decisions are being made that affect our future. 

The theme for Activate 2019 is Reach, Love, Grow and Go! 

In line with the theme, we want to encourage  students to know God, and find themselves, whilst joining with a community of friends that will provide support & encouragement during this significant time!  

If you are looking for a group, feel free to visit us as we would love to connect with you and get to know you!  

We hope you will enjoy Activate!

God bless you, 

Helen Kirby and Andy Leake

Mentors for Activate Adelaide



Meet Our Group Leaders:




Besides meeting every Wednesday, Activate has amazing events planned out for 2019.

Student life is not a boring life,it is meant to be one of the most amazing years of your life. Come and join us at Activate and we can build awesome friendships together which will last a lifetime !

If you interested to know more about us, please LIKE our Facebook page and JOIN our Facebook group for more details about our events through out the year. If you want to join our events, we welcome you to contact us through the contact page :CLICK HERE: .Someone will get back to shortly in response to your inquiry.


How is Activate and Hope International Ministries related?

Activate Student Ministry is a registered club of Adelaide University Union (University of Adelaide) and University of South Australia Student Association (University of South Australia). We are a student group of Hope Church Adelaide, a local church which is part of Hope International Ministries.

Here is a showcase of our upcoming events in January -June of 2019.
If you are interested to know more about Hope Church Adelaide.
Please visit : www.hopeadelaide.com :

If you want to know more about Hope International Ministries,
simply click on : byhim.org :  Check out our mission. We're Huge!

Hope Church Adelaide Events 

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